Hanks Gallery

Our products are custom designed and American made.

This Brazilian Cherry wood coffee table is hand made from refurbished wooden floor.

Tilting the phone stand back is great for video making, watching, social media or FaceTime calling.

Never lay your phone down on its back on a public germ table, bar or counter again. Huge communication piece. Designed by Hanks.

Adjustable phone stand with a personal engraving. Email me and let me know what you would like on the phone stand.

JESUS is the name on this sign. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it. This is a fun communication piece of art to hang on the wall.

Baking Squirrel the hot rack tool. Pulls the hot rack out and pushes it back in when you are oven cooking.

Constitution sign of the United States Amendment 1 and 2. Width is 22" x 20" height. Made from Red Oak w/ Polyurethane finish.

Brazilian Cherry Wood adjustable phone stand. All stands are 6" height and 3" width.

Brazilian Cherry Wood w/out text

Red Oak Wood adjustable phone stand w/Text Please email us for custom order.

Trump 2024 desktop stand made from Red Oak wood. You will be the only one that owns one of these. Designed by Hanks.